Chase Custom Homes was created to overcome every anticipated issue in building a custom home. After all, building a new home is not something people do every day, so it has to be done right. Our clients are intimately involved from Day One, with a complete Bid Book that details every aspect of the project in minute detail, including costs and strict timelines. Plus, as a fee-for-service custom home builder, as opposed to industry-standard “cost-plus” charges, there is complete transparency on costs, up-front, and every incentive in the world to finish on time and on budget.

Your new home with Chase Custom Homes will be an address for a lifetime. You can expect the best service and trust that every expectation will be met with the highest standards.

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The Green Home

Chase Custom Homes works with many custom-home architects fully certified to follow LEED "green" building standards.

Basement Remodels

The basement of a home can be one of the most temperately comfortable in the heat of summer or in the dead of winter.

About Spencer Chase

Spencer Chase ensures that every level of service and every project will be met with the highest standards in the business.