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Home Lighting Design is Often the Most Critical Element in Designing a Dream

Lighting creates a mood, provides security and enhances every home, and with advances in technology and aesthetic design the possibilities are endless and economical.

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Make a Great First Impression on your Custom Home with Attention to the Front Door Details

The front door of any home must say welcome, and getting it just right is one of the most time-consuming and pleasurable tasks in building a custom home.

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A Custom Fireplace is the Focal Point of Many Rooms in the Custom Home

Home is truly where the hearth is, and finding a unique fireplace solution will ensure that any custom building project will result in a dream home

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The new gold standard for home insulation is spray-in foam

Spray-in foam insulation fills every gap, eliminating air infiltration, and provides a more stable R-Value and excellent indoor air quality for years to come.

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Green building the hottest trend in custom homebuilding, with LEED certification the ideal

Not everyone wants to go as far as LEED Platinum status, but even a little “green” development can save a ton of “green” over the life of the home

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The Green Home

Chase Custom Homes works with many custom-home architects fully certified to follow LEED "green" building standards.

Basement Remodels

The basement of a home can be one of the most temperately comfortable in the heat of summer or in the dead of winter.

About Spencer Chase

Spencer Chase ensures that every level of service and every project will be met with the highest standards in the business.